Stop jumping from a cellar to another, enjoying wine means relax! 🙂

This is the reason why I always arrange wine tasting in your place of stay: to give you the possibility to enjoy it at best! You will not need indeed to drive after drinking or to join a group for a wine tasting, you will not need a babysitting service because you can take care of children during wine tastings, and furthermore you can taste wines from different producers or even from different areas of Tuscany and Italy!

Choose now your favourite wine tasting and discover, challenge, explore nature or art with a wine tasting. If there are specific wines you want to taste, ask for a tailored wine tasting!

Discover hidden Tuscany and its legends and traditions, and be ready to live and drink like a local with my tips!

Taste the wines, and choose the winner! These wine tastings are perfect for groups of wine lovers: Italy vs France and Barolo vs Brunello are only some of the challenges!

Enjoy organic wines

Ready for a blast in the past? Discover how wine influenced and accompanied the life of famous persons like the Medici Family or Leonardo Da Vinci!


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