Enjoy your holiday in Tuscany, enjoy one of our wine tastings.

Are you ready for a new wine experience? Choose your wine tasting, and at the date requested I will ring the bell of your place of stay, with the wines at the perfect temperature!

You will not need to take your car, to join a guided group or to book a baby sitting service for your children! You will finally just enjoy Tuscan, Italian and French wine relaxed in your terrace or sitting on your sofa, or, why not, near the swimming pool!

Forget boring ordinary wine tasting: 4 different wines of every wine tasting will be the starting point to tell you about Tuscany, its history and its masterpieces from a gastronomic point of view, with funny stories like the one about Leonardo Da Vinci working as a chef.

Don’t wait a minute more,¬†book your wine tasting NOW!

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