I am Sara, I am Sommelier since 2009, and I can speak English, French, German (and a little bit of Russian too!).

You probably already know that we, the Italians, love to eat food, share food, and talk about food.

As a Sommelier I also love to taste wine, I love to pair wine with food, but most of all I love to talk about wine! (beware! Italian women talk A LOT 😉 )

I think that every wine has a story to tell and every bottle can whisper secrets about art, history, gastronomy, but most of all about people: you will discover for example Leonardo da Vinci working as a chef and Lorenzo the Magnificient writing stories about drunk people.

I look forward to beeing your “troubadour” of wine and there’s a lot of wines I would love to introduce to you.

Have a look at wine tastings!

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