ITALY VS FRANCE: WHO WIN? Taste and vote: Pinot Nero & bubbles


Wines to taste

  • - Bourgogne Pinot Noir
  • - Pinot Noir Alto Adige Doc
  • - Metodo Classico Contratto
  • - Pol Roger Champagne

    Italian wines vs French wines is only one battlefield of the very endless competition Italy vs France!

    Best food, best soccer team, best wines, these two countries were ever in a competition. For wines, for example. The history reminds us how Mr. Martinotti created the Prosecco, and how Mr. Charmat officially registered that method, which now brings his name. Nowadays, red Tuscan wines compete every year with great Bordeaux for the best evaluations of

    First of all, we will explore the bubbles. You will taste and vote the metodo classico (champenois) of the Italian Maison Contratto and the Pol Roger Champagne.

    Furthermore, the competition will concern Pinot Noir. You will compare and decide the winner between a Pinot Noir from the Bourgogne region and an Italian Pinot Noir from Alto Adige.

    Four tastings and only one winner between French and Italian wines!

    2 hours

    – Italian
    – English
    – French
    – German

    Trip Facts

    • 55€
    • min. 6 people

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