FANTASTIC FOUR: wine tasting of Brunello, Barolo, Amarone and Chianti


Enjoy this wine tasting of Brunello Barolo Amarone and Chianti and you feel like a new Alice in the wonderland of red wines!
Thanks to this guided wine tasting you will discover the best 4 red Italian wines: Brunello, Barolo, Amarone e Chianti Classico.

You will discover the differences between the grapes. Firstly you will feel the rose aromas of Nebbiolo in our Barolo. Afterwards, you will smell the typical hints of underbrush of Sangiovese in Chianti.

You will also discover how cellars use different aging techniques to make tannins smooth. For instance, barrique is used for Amarone we will taste, while the traditional big barrel is used for Barolo.

Four big wines and one common thread: roundness and structure.

Wines to taste:

  • - Brunello di Montalcino
  • - Barolo
  • - Amarone della Valpolicella
  • - Chianti

    2 hours

    – English
    – French
    – German
    – Italian

    Trip Facts

    • 65€ per person
    • min. 4 people
    • Every day at 6.30 pm

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